Be a part of our family! We are looking for highly motivated individuals who are curious in nature and thorough in execution. Said individuals must also have a strong sense of belonging and good communication skill. If you feel that we’re talking about you, please take a look at our requirements below.

Benefits and features:

  • Health imbursement and insurance.
  • Friendly and cooperative team members.
  • 5 working days week.
  • Relaxed (relatively :D), and positive atmosphere.
  • Subsidised game purchase.
  • Workshops and sharing sessions to broaden your knowledge.
  • Entertainment and rest areas in our studio to recharge your energy.
  • Flexible and negotiable working hours, especially for educational purposes.
  • Dedicated time to develop products you’re interested in.
  • Our studio is located in easily accessible area in Bandung.
  • Plenty of housing options nearby the studio for those from outside Bandung.

General Requirements for Programmers & Machine Learning Engineers
If you’re interested in any programming positions, please read this first. We are looking for team members who have:

  • Experience of being involved in a project (including personal projects) from start to finish.
  • Experience in using modern development platforms and framewoks such as node.js, ionic, slim, etc.
  • Familiarity with JSON and RestAPI.
  • Experience in integrating APIs from popular social media networks.
  • Experience in mobile application development.
  • Experience in using repos like github, gitlab is a plus.
  • Experience in machine learning or computer vision is a plus
  • Fill out applicant form at this URL